Instagram Profile Picture Downloader and Viewer

The Smoothdownloader Instagram Profile Picture Downloader and Viewer – helps you join the elite list of users who can enjoy the privilege of seeing and downloading other’s Instagram profile pictures in bigger resolutions. Not only that, but with this tool, you can download HD-quality Instagram DPs to your Android, iOS, and Windows devices in a completely hassle-free way. No signup registration is required to access the free features that are also measured safe to use. Give it a shot today and edge over mass users in many ways.

Put your Instagram profile URL here. View and download the Instagram profile picture for free.

Copy and Paste the Instagram profile link

Copy and Paste the IG profile link

Copy the Insta profile link and paste it into the downloader input field.

Get the IG DP Now

Get the IG DP Now

Click on the “Get The IG DP Now” button to process the DP for downloading.

Download and View the Instagram DP

Download and View the IG DP

Once it’s ready, hit “Download the IG DP” to save the image to your device.

Best Instagram Profile Picture Downloader and Viewer

“Instagram Profile Picture Downloader and Viewer” refers to a tool or application designed to view and download profile pictures (DPs) from Instagram accounts. As Instagram does not provide a built-in feature to download profile pictures directly, third-party tools like our Instagram DP Downloader fill the gap by offering users the ability to save profile images. This offering helps you gain insight into public accounts in various aspects, such as identifying the user or reference.

Our Instagram Profile Picture Downloader is undoubtedly the best Instagram Profile Picture Downloader out there for numerous reasons. It comes with an ads-free, lucrative interface that not only adds a tale to the user’s experience but also makes the platform easy for the user’s eye. When adjoined by the ultra-fast processing and download assistance capability, it sets your IG DP download experience to another level.

The “Instagram Profile Picture Downloader and Viewer” portrays a dual role of both Instagram profile picture viewer and Instagram profile picture downloader, making your Instagram journey effortless from scratch. Moreover, it saves Insta DPs in a versatile JPG format that is seamlessly compatible with viewing regardless of the type of device you have in use. You can access the tool from any browser or device running on any operating system and get an even more effective result.

Additionally, our Insta DP saver leaves no question mark regarding its security measures and implementation as it comes with rugged safety measures that are also looked after periodically for maximum effectiveness. We also don’t believe in logging users’ data as we haven’t kept any operation intended to collect them, such as signup, login, cookie request, etc., in the first place. Hence, you can use our platform without thinking twice.

To summaries, the Smoothdownloader Instagram DP Downloader isn’t just another revenue-hunting freemium tool, as we certainly don’t put business over users’ convenience. So, if you are looking for a way to view Instagram users’ DP in a bigger frame or want to download them to your device, use the easiest, safest platform all over the internet named Smoothdownloader Instagram DP Downloader.

Why should you use the Smoothdownloader Instagram Profile Picture Downloader?

An Instagram profile picture viewer and downloader requires certain criteria to match to call it the best and eventually use it. Our Instagram Profile Picture Downloader is developed to cater to users’ need to download Insta account DPs with its convenient features and astonishing workability. Here are the key points for which you should choose the Instagram DP Downloader:

  • All services are completely free of charge, without any premium packages or subscriptions required.
  • No app installations or browser extensions are necessary to access the services.
  • Enjoy superior conversion and download speeds tailored to your internet connection.
  • Execute downloads with ease through a streamlined process requiring minimal steps.
  • Experience smooth navigation and an ad-free interface for a positive user experience.
  • Compatible with all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Baidu, etc.
  • Accessible from any Windows, Android, iOS PC, mobile device, or tablet without the need for additional apps or extensions.
  • Utilize premium-like features without the need for a subscription.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of downloads allowed in any given timeframe.


How to download an Instagram account DP with the Instagram DP Downloader on a PC?

You can download any Instagram user’s DP. It doesn’t matter if the account is kept private or you don’t follow them. The process of downloading IG DP becomes even easier when tried from a PC with Instagram DP Downloader. Here’s how you can execute a downloading:

  • First, head to Instagram from any browser and open the account you want to download.
  • Copy the URL of the IG account to the address bar.
  • Now, open the Smoothdownloader Instagram DP Downloader to another tab.
  • Paste the IG profile link in the input field and tap “Get the Instagram DP.
  • After that, the Downloader should return with an image preview and download button named “Download Instagram DP.” Press on that.
  • The image will be opened in a new tab with actual resolution. To save that on your device, click the right button of your mouse and press “Save image as.”
  • Next, you will be given an option to set the directory where the image will be saved. Here, set the folder and click “Save“.
  • The Instagram DP should download to your PC as a “JPG” file.

Step-by-step process in pictures

How to download Instagram DP images on Android or iPhone?

Statistically, most users tend to use Instagram on their phones. In case you are one of them and looking for a way to save Instagram DP images to your phone, then use our DP downloader and follow the below steps:

  • First, go to the Instagram app and open the account to which you want the DP to be downloaded.
  • Copy the URL of the IG accountby tapping the ellipsis button and then “Copy Profile URL.”
  • Now, open the Smoothdownloader Instagram DP Downloader from your mobile’s browser.
  • Paste the IG profile link in the input field and tap “Get the Instagram DP.
  • After that, the Downloader should return with an image preview and download button named “Download Instagram DP.” Press on that.
  • Once the image is shown in the browser, press and hold your finger on the phone screen until a popup appears.
  • Now, tap “Download Image” to save the Instagram DP on your smartphone.

Can Instagram DP be downloaded?

Yes, Instagram display pictures can be downloaded to your preferred devices with just a few clicks. Don’t dare search within the Instagram app or web version, as Instagram doesn’t have any such feature. You have to make use of a third-party platform like our Instagram DP Downloader to save an IG DP.

Will someone know if we see their DP on Instagram?

In a word, No. Instagram neither has any such option nor is there any third-party platform through which you can know if someone visited your profile or not. You might find a lot of such tools advertising to be able to do this, but there is no clear evidence of them being capable for real.

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