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Best online video and audio downloader and converter. Download and convert video and audio from YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Vimeo, Instagram, Reddit, and Spotify for free. No installation is required. Compatible with Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and tablet.


Why SmoothDownloader is the best downloader?

We do not rely on any third-party APIs or servers to enable you to download videos. We host the full process of downloading the videos from YouTube, Facebook, Reddit and other platforms on our server. That is why we can ensure uninterrupted service. And users can download as many videos as they want to their devices from our website. 

Using this Smoothdownloader, you can seamlessly download 4k YouTube videos, YouTube MP3, YouTube shorts, YouTube Thumbnails, Facebook videos, Facebook reels, Instagram videos, Reddit videos, Reddit audio, Vimeo videos, Pinterest videos and so on. We also ensure safe downloading. It saves your devices from malware and viruses.   

YouTube Downloader

Download YouTube content to your device using Smoothdownloader’s YouTube downloader. Whether it’s a full-length YouTube video or an interesting Shorts, you can obtain them directly in MP4, ACC, WAV, OGG, M4A, MP3, or FLAC format for offline enjoyment or sharing on other platforms. Moreover, you can easily extract and download your favourite YouTube thumbnail images with just a few clicks.

YouTube downloader and converter
Facebook downloader

Facebook Downloader

Introducing the most powerful tool to download Facebook videos or Reels for free. Back up your favorite Facebook content in high and low quality. No ads, no subscription, and no credential is needed. Get unlimited Facebook content easily and instantly. We employ advanced encryption protocols to safeguard your personal information and ensure a secure downloading process. Our tool operates with the utmost respect for your privacy and security.

Pinterest Downloader

Discover, save, and share your favourite Pinterest videos, images, and GIFs with Smoothdownloader Pinterest Downloader. Whether it’s on your phone, PC, Mac, or tablet, our tool works on any device and platform. No payments, user limitations, or feature restrictions. Download unlimited high-quality Pinterest content easily for free.

pinterest downloader
reddit downloader

Reddit Downloader

The best Reddit video downloader online. Download any Reddit videos without facing hassles, distracting ads or annoying pop-ups, unlike many other popular sites. No need to install or update anything. It will automatically update when our website is updated. No tracking, ensure full privacy and secure browsing. Enjoy the Smoothdownloader Reddit video downloader today and save popular Reddit videos right on your device storage.

Instagram Downloader

Get your favourite Instagram videos, stories, Reels, and highlights saved to your device hassle-free with Smoothdownloader’s Instagram Downloader. Whether it’s trending dances, funny skits, or short tutorials, save them in high-quality MP4 or MP3 to enjoy them offline or share them across platforms. Download unlimited Instagram content safely for free forever.

Instagram Downloader
TikTok Downloader

TikTok Downloader

No more dealing with bothersome ads or pesky pop-ups—Download any TikTok videos you desire to enjoy offline, anytime, anywhere. No installations or updates are required. Copy and paste the link of the TikTok content, confirm the link, and save the photo, video, or profile picture to your device instantly. Also, you can view and download TikTok profile pictures of your friends anonymously.

Online Video and Audio Downloader and Converter

Smoothdownloader, is the best online video and audio downloader and converter. Download, convert, and extract video and audio from different online platforms. With this online video downloader, you can download videos and audio files from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo, Reddit, TikTok and Spotify.

Online Video and Audio Downloader and Converter
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