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Free Facebook Video Downloader Online. Social media platforms are continuing to evolve, enabling users to watch and share content anytime and from anywhere. Among them, Facebook is a great platform for watching videos, besides enjoying many other features like connecting with friends, joining groups, and discovering new content. So, you may find many Facebook videos that contain heartwarming family moments, inspiring tutorials, or hilarious viral clips. However, if you want to watch those offline viewing or sharing directly on your account, you first have to download them on your device. But Facebook doesn’t come with any option to download videos. Don’t worry; we have come up with this Smoothdownloader Facebook video downloader, which is capable of downloading any Facebook Video almost instantly. You don’t have to worry about device compatibility, installation, or subscription because it is a free and easy-to-use online platform.

Paste Facebook video URL

Paste the video link:

Copy the Facebook video URL and put it into the input field located under the text; Enter the Facebook Video URL:

Get Facebook Video Info

Get Video Info:

Click on “Get video info” to prepare the video for download.

Download the Video:

Download the Video:

Choose the quality of the video and press the Download button titled “Download High Quality” or “Download Low Quality” to get your desired video.

Best Facebook Video Downloader

The Smoothdownloader Facebook Video downloader has gained recognition for superior efficiency and user experience. Its clean and intuitive interface makes the download process pretty straightforward. No payment, subscription, or sign-up is needed. This free tool operates entirely online on various platforms, including Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows. So, whether you’re on the go with a mobile device, working on a desktop, or swiping on a tablet, Smoothdownloader caters to your needs without installing any software on the device or extensions on your browser. Unlike many alternatives, it offers an unlimited service without bombarding users with intrusive ads or posing risks to the devices. We do not collect any user information or ask for anything while using our platform. In terms of performance, Its impeccable download speed sets it apart without compromising the original video quality. Ultimately, the hassle-free experience and the overall convenience make Smoothdownloader the best Facebook video downloader.

Why should you use Smoothdownloader Facebook Video Downloader?

Downloading Facebook videos directly from Facebook to your PC or phone may pose a challenge, but with the Smoothdownloader Facebook video downloader, you can easily get the job done. While you may find various online tools when searching for the best Facebook video downloader, there are so many compelling reasons to choose it over others.

  • Very clean and attractive user interface.
  • Straightforward download process.
  • No subscription or payment is required.
  • Doesn’t require the installation of any software or extensions.
  • Provides direct access to features without needing any sign-ups or logins.
  • Completely malware-free and safe to use for anyone.
  • Maintains the original video quality in terms of both visual and audio.
  • Options to choose the high and low video quality
  • It has a very smooth download speed with a good internet connection.
  • Works across any device, such as PC, Android, Mac, iPhone, or tablet.
  • No disturbing ads or banners on the webpage.
  • Do not preserve any user data or annoying cookies


How to download Facebook videos using the Smoothdownloader?

If you’re looking to download Facebook videos, the Smoothdownloader Facebook videos downloader stands out as an excellent choice. Now you should know about its incredible features and best-in-class user interface. Also, the download process is intuitive and smooth. Even without prior experience, anyone can use this tool effortlessly.

  • Launch your browser and open your Facebook account.
  • Find the Facebook video that you want to download to your device.
  • Place your mouse on the video and click on it to get the link in the browser’s address bar.
  • Copy the link to the video.
  • Visit the Smoothdownloader Facebook website.
  • Paste the link in the input field and press “Get video info.”
  • Once you see the video title, click the button named “Download High Quality” or “Download Low Quality.”
  • Finally, your desired Facebook video will start downloading to your device.”

Steps in pictures

Copy the link to the video.
Paste the link in the input field and press "Get video info."
click the button named "Download High Quality" or "Download Low Quality.

How to download Facebook videos on Android or iPhone?

The Smoothdownloader Facebook video downloader works on any device, regardless of operating system or browser compatibility issues. If you are eager to know how to download Facebook videos on your smartphone, then follow the below procedure:

  • Open your Facebook app and find your favourite video.
  • Tap on the video, and then select “Share” at the bottom right corner of the video.
  • Then tap “Copy link at” or swipe right and press “Copy link.”
  • After that, open your browser and head to the Smoothdownloader Facebook video downloader.
  • Now, paste the link into the input field.
  • Tap on “Get video info.”
  • Once the video title appears, press the download button based on the video quality you want.

Why can’t I download a Facebook video?

There could be several reasons for your unsuccessful attempt to download a Facebook video, such as a poor internet connection, the wrong video link, or copying the link from a location other than the one specified in the procedure we have described. So, ensure that you have accurately addressed those issues and followed our instructions precisely, as mentioned.

Which is the best FB video downloader?

Undoubtedly, Smoothdownloader is the best FB video downloader from any direction. It is a free and secure tool to get your favourite videos instantly on your device.

How can I download FB streaming video?

You can download FB streaming videos using the Smoothdownloader Facebook video downloader with the same procedure that we have already discussed earlier. But note that you can only download live-streaming videos once the live stream is finished.

Can this FB video downloader download FB reels video?

Yes. this FB video downloader can download FB reel videos for free. Moreover, Smoothdownloader also offers a dedicated FB reel video downloader.

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